Heartburn without eating?

Question by Just Me: Heartburn without eating?
I’ve had heartburn in the past. The typical stuff, after spicy food and what not.

However 2 days last week and now this morning I have had Heartburn without eating anything and I’m sitting up.

Could this be a very very early pregnancy symptom or does my body just hate me?
I had a Decaf herb tea, but that was only today, last week when I had the 2 times I didn’t have anything to drink.

And my “eagerness” is not “overruling my common sense”. I’ve never had morning heartburn and was just curious if it could be a sympton or something else…Just thought I would ask to get an opinion.
I am supposed to start AF next week

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Answer by ♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
Yes, heartburn is a very common symptom from pregnancy. Did you drink anything acidy like coffee or orange juice? This can also cause heartburn.

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  1. AMZN ASHLEY :) says:

    i get it when im about to start my peiod?

  2. Your body does not “HATE” you. Go get some Prilosec and take one every day for a week or so. Prilosec is very good for heartburn, and if you take it for a while sometimes it will make your heartburn go away entirely. Good luck.

  3. wmayers99 says:

    It could be a symptom of many things, including pregnancy. Don’t let your eagerness to be pregnant overrule your common sense – go to the doctor.

  4. a parent hows been there !! says:

    hi to the pregnancy bit …have you missed a period …if so get a test as for the heartburn bit ,oh do i know what youre going through …drink of water ….heartburn for hours easily …you name it i can suffer on it ….but its for me ,IBS,my stomach makes to much acid so it travels up and causes severe heartburn ….best thing for you to do is get a appointment at the doctors so you can get tablets to treat this and the tablets do work ….well sometimes in my case …lol….take care xx

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